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lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Doxy Wand Massager in Black – Pleasure Panel Review

Doxy Wand Massager Review (Black Style)
By Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88

Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to Cara and the Pleasure Panel, and of course Simply Pleasure for giving me the opportunity to fall in love with the beloved Doxy Wand! It’s taken me absolutely ages to write this review, as just as I think about writing it, I come up with another way to use it! And I have to be thorough now, all in the name of fair testing!

I am an absolute lover of direct clit stimulation, and adore the deep, rumbly pinpoint vibes such as those from the We-Vibe Tango. I guess this is one of the reasons why I had never really thought about buying a Doxy Wand, because they just seemed so big, cumbersome and heavy duty! I do own a cheaper wand which I have had a few years but rarely use due to its inefficiency to make me orgasm. I really was living in a world where I had no idea of what I was truly missing out on!

When the opportunity came up for me to try a Doxy, I wasn’t hesitant and jumped at the chance. I had heard only great things from fellow owners, yet in my own mind I was unconvinced that it would suit me. It was arranged that I would receive a black Doxy (black is my favourite colour for sex toys and accessories) in exchange for an honest review. No more than two days later the Doxy Wand Massager arrived on my doorstep, and I was thrilled!

The packaging is so sleek and sophisticated for such a toy. Nestled snugly and safely in the box was my Doxy Wand.
First Impressions

Visually the Doxy is stunning. I love the matte black colour that is paired with the light grey buttons and head, with the silver accent. Personally I love this colour combination as it is fairly gender neutral, and it matches with a lot of my bondage accessories!

I like that the head is soft and squidgy and feels quite padded. The neck is also flexible with enough give that I know I won’t end up sore from pushing it too hard against my clitoris at the point of orgasm. I’m aware that the head is porous but as the toy is only being used externally on myself (for now but read on!) that isn’t a problem for me.

I like that the buttons are quite chunky and textured, so when you are using the Doxy Wand it shouldn’t be difficult to locate them even with lubey fingers!

A long mains wire is also a plus as I’m pretty certain that I will have no difficulties in being too far away from a plug. The bonus of it being a mains powered toy of course is that there are no batteries to go flat, and it will never lose power! Hurrah.

Ok, it’s only fair that I include a small section about the expected loud volume of the Doxy. Yes, it’s loud. Yes, if you use it upstairs, people downstairs will hear it. Is that a bad thing? For me, no. I’m lucky enough that it’s just the two of us live here so noise isn’t an issue. The Doxy throws out so much power that it would be almost impossible to make it a quiet toy. In its favour though I think it can pull off the sound. It’s the equivalent of a huge sports car with a booming exhaust that turns heads. The unmistakable sound of a Doxy roaring into action helps with the anticipation and builds for the climax.
Losing My Doxy Virginity

The first time I used the Doxy Wand I made sure I was as ready as I could be. I chose the old faithful laid on my back, knees bent position. I made sure to use plenty of water based lube on my vulva and the Doxy head to avoid any friction. Not knowing what to expect I turned the Doxy on and began to scroll through the speed settings. After about 2 minutes I thought I had reached the highest setting and it wasn’t long before I reached orgasm. As the vibrations rumbled deep inside my vagina, it felt as though I could feel each contraction as the orgasm became stronger and stronger.

I could not believe that a toy could work so quickly for the first ever attempt! Usually it takes a while to find out what angle and position works best. The Doxy Wand is ideal for hands free orgasms if you find the weight of wands too much to handle. What shocked me even more was that after the strong orgasm (it got too strong for me to attempt a second go!) I realised that I wasn’t on the highest setting after all! Usually I require toys ramped up all the way, but I was only just over half way!
Cleaning Up The Doxy

After use a simple wipe down of the head with a baby wipe, followed by a spritz of sex toy cleaner is all that is needed. If like me, you own a Doxy and you worry about it when it’s not in use, then fear not! I managed to buy a Doxy wand case from a UK retailer on eBay. These are included with the Doxy Die Cast models, but are available for around £15 separately.

Now I keep my Doxy safely stored away in the padded case keeping it dust and scratch free until I next use it! Even if you don’t want to buy a case, the white box the Doxy Wand comes in will keep it safe and dust free!
Doxy Wand For Men?

My husband is quite open to sex toys, but he has never seen the appeal of using a vibrator externally, and neither had I. When I was taking my turn to be in control I reached out to my Fetlife friends for some inspiration and one recommended using the Doxy Wand under my husbands balls whilst he was restrained and unable to move. Hmm I couldn’t think of a reason not to!

That night I had my husband tied and blindfolded and the Doxy Wand was my finale piece! I watched him squirm in pleasure trying to wriggle away from the Doxy Wand head as it rumbled just below his balls. The feeling of control for me was amazing! As I turned up the speed I watched as he twitched and moaned in pleasure. He noted how the vibrations seemed to travel both upwards and along his penis, but also down past his bum and to the bottom of his spine.

Although it’s not a toy he would use alone, he certainly enjoyed being at my mercy with the Doxy Wand!

I am absolutely thrilled with the Doxy Wand. It has so many uses and never fails to deliver a quick and powerful orgasm. I would say that this is a must have item for any toy box and is certainly value for money. I can’t believe I lasted this long without one.

A Cock Sucking Story: How I Give Him A Blow Job

It was in a recent post-swallow glory haze that my mind turned to what exactly makes for a superb blow job. I like to think I’m pretty good at cock sucking – but don’t we all? To quote Shakira though, hips don’t lie – and neither does that hot spunk explosion shooting down my throat with some melodic grunting and moaning in the background. What is it about the way I suck cock that he enjoys so much? It is just the physical sensations, or a combination of physical and mental stimulation – or would he come in any warm wet hole if offered the chance? He seems to really enjoy the specific way in which I give him a blow job…

I put myself into a certain mindset when I suck cock. It’s almost a sub space – but a cock sucking space. I think it really helps me to give the best blow job possible. Trying to imagine what the view is like from where he is, and how every sensation will be felt by him, means that I’m sucking cock mindfully with his enjoyment a priority – quickly seconded by my own.

It probably helps that we don’t just leap into a cock sucking situation, there’s usually some role-play with a heavy focus on how I should suck his cock like a good little girl, and how he’ll teach me to deep throat. It’s all excellent motivation to give the best blow job ever and I also feel extremely sexy as I satisfy my man with my mouth.

There’s a transition period where I allow myself to shake off any worries from the day and put stresses and other thoughts out of my mind. There’s also a combination of feelings – both wanting to be the best cock sucking slut for him but also imagining I have my own cock and how I would want it to be satisfied in my slut’s mouth. The sensations I’d want around my cock collar, down the shaft, the head of my cock completely covered with her warm wet mouth, attention given to my balls and then depending on the mood moving towards anal lubrication and penetration.

I do feel like blowjobs are 90% imagining you have a cock, 5% listening to the audible responses and 5% making sure you don’t choke.

When we begin he’s always hard and ready, lying on the bed next to me, by the time my head is anywhere near his cock. Just to make sure, I first gently brush my fingertips up the shaft of his penis and enjoy watching it bounce excitedly, trying to lengthen the time it’s in contact with my fingers. A little more teasing in this way and the first drop of pre-cum is glistening at the top of his cock. I like to use that first drop, placing my thumb and index finger to his frenulum and the other side of his cock tip to squeeze out as much as possible. I then brush my thumb lightly over the surface of his shiny exposed head, polishing his weapon with his own brand of lube.

His back is already arching at this point and eyes rolling in pleasure… I know because I glance up to make sure. I smile and a tingle stirs my clit.

My fingers curl around his rock hard erection and gently move up and down, letting his penis travel in my loose grip rather than holding too tight which may be uncomfortable. His foreskin moves over his frenulum and encourages more pre-cum to leak from his tip, lubricating my actions and resulting in gasps from above me rather than the mere sharply drawn breaths from a moment ago.

Enjoying this early tease, I quicken my pace gradually until I feel like he can’t take any more; that he needs to be in my mouth now. Sometimes I make that decision, sometimes he makes it for me and I find myself shoved down on his cock, filling my mouth to my tonsils.

If he’s blissed out and allowing me to take charge of the situation, I take things a little slower than that. Continuing the steady pace, working his shaft with my fingers curled round, I lower my mouth to that shiny tip. The cock head exposed in full one moment then his foreskin coming up to stimulate his frenulum and collar every other second. My tongue darts out to taste that shiny surface with a salty tang, and I savour that first connection with my mouth. My tongue swirls over it as my hand continues its movements, and my other hand finds his balls and starts to tease and pull gently on them to add to the sensations he’s feeling.

Pretty soon I can’t stand not having his cock in my mouth properly. My lips form an O and I pop my mouth over his attention-lavished cock, but not all the way down for now. There’s not even any suction to start with, and I don’t connect my tongue with his cock tip right away either. I just let the tight circle of my lips meet the tip of his penis and slowly roll them downwards, letting my mouth water more at the thoughts and sensations happening in my mind and body so as to lubricate my lips’ journey down his shaft.

Bringing the circle of my lips back up to his cock tip and having my hand resume its attentions on his shaft, I finally get my tongue into action. It makes its connection with his frenulum and all the way round his cock collar while my lips retain that snug seal… I also begin the slight suction which means the insides of my cheeks will connect with his penis shaft as I travel downwards while sucking him off.

I need all the saliva I can conjure right now… that’s easy enough as I’m hungry to relish his cock filling my mouth. My appetite is wet and so is my cunt as I tease and toy with his shaft and balls more urgently, my mouth working the head of his cock and beginning to let out those tell-tale suction noises as we both become completely immersed in my cock sucking.

Getting to all fours to be better positioned for his pleasure, I use one hand to steady myself and the other is toying with his balls just the way he likes. A combination of gentle touches and taking them firmly but comfortably in hand and pulling downwards, which causes him to stiffen to maximum in my mouth. I’m finding it difficult to retain complete suction round his cock as the speed increases, and he’s usually mauling with my breasts and pinching my nipples by then which makes it almost impossible to think properly. My mouth takes his full length so his cock head hits the back of my throat with every thrust, and when his hands aren’t molesting my tits he’s got his hands in my hair and forcing my head back and forth off of him.

All pretence of taking his full cock length in and out of my mouth is soon relegated to the past ‘tease’ part of the blowjob, and it’s all about the head of his cock right in my throat. That’s where he enjoys the most suction, the tightest sensation, the most friction – and the fact it makes me choke so violently and loudly around him. I’m struggling to breathe – and that’s turning him on even more. I gasp breaths any time I can but it never seems I get enough air. Nothing exists now apart from his cock and making it feel good for him; and that, in turn, is really fucking turning me on.

Both his hands are in my hair now and I’m being bounced off his cock. He’s using the very deepest part of my throat as his personal wank sleeve – a fuck toy in which to dump his cum. I’m thinking nothing except “remember to breathe”, and “pleasing Daddy with my cock sucking mouth”. It’s difficult to swallow but I need to if I don’t want drool to drop out of my mouth around him and make a mess everywhere… which he would find hot but what he enjoys even more is my struggle to swallow round his cock. He loves my struggle to breathe, and to swallow, and the feelings of my throat stimulating his cock tip as I’m swallowing my saliva right next to it.

It’s not long at this point til I feel that final stiffening of his large cock deep in my mouth, and he’s holding my head still as he grunts his hot ejaculation past my fucked raw tonsils deep into my throat.


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sábado, 16 de julio de 2016

Paying for bad habits: sex work and drugs lift UK’s EU bill

The UK GDP has risen due to £4.4bn coming from the sale of cannabis, heroin, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines. Photograph: Simon Webster/Rex Features

Phillip Inman, economics correspondent

Friday 24 October 2014 20.03 BSTLast modified on Saturday 25 October 201400.03 BST

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Listening to EU officials describe how Britain pays its annual EU contribution brings to mind George W Bush being questioned about one of his administration’s budgets. Flicking the pages before assembled journalists he said: “There’s a lot of pages, a lot of lines and a lot of numbers.” To all but a few, the addings up and subtractings that go on in Brussels make little more sense.

One of the few things that does seem clear is that Britain is paying for its bad habits. Brussels needs more cash this year to cope with overspent budgets. And while it might seem unfair to tax a country for needing a bigger crutch than others in the EU club, relatively speaking, the UK’s GDP has jumped courtesy of new estimates of the nation’s consumption of drugs and use of prostitutes.

The EU applies its complex calculation of how much member states should pay into its coffers largely on GDP levels. The bigger the national income, the bigger the contribution. So far, so simple.

However, earlier this year the UK’s GDP was given a £10bn boost after officials calculated that sex work generated £5.3bn for the economy in 2013, with another £4.4bn coming from the sale of cannabis, heroin, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.

Other countries have been affected too after the EU calculated how much of their hidden economies should be brought on the books. Greece faces a larger contribution despite losing a fifth of is national income since 2009. Italy is another victim, though arguably it has only included a fraction of the mafia’s business in its GDP calculati

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More importantly, Britain is paying more because this year it is simply bigger than 18 months ago while other countries have stood still or contracted. Like soldiers in a lineup who find themselves volunteering for toilet duty after everyone else has taken a step back, the UK Treasury is paying for being one of the few among the EU’s 27 economies to strengthen this year.

The EU budget is calculated on a rolling monthly basis. It has been revised seven times this year. Go back a couple of years and the UK contribution fell substantially. In 2008, a whopping £4.9bn rebate and £4.5bn of payments to farmers and the social fund brought the net contribution down to £3.3bn. By 2010 this net contribution figure had risen to £7.4bn and an estimated £8.6bn in 2013 following a dramatic jump in gross payments from £12.6bn in 2008 to £17.2bn in 2013.

This year every GDP number has pushed the UK nearer to the top of the growth league. By the autumn of last year Britain was outstripping all the leading eurozone countries. By this spring it was trouncing the US.

So under the EU’s rules, drugs or no drugs, it was inevitable the UK contribution would rise and the rebate fall. The Office for Budget Responsibility, which makes independent forecasts of the government’s finances, expected a rise this year before a fall in 2017.

But the stagnation in GDP growth across the EU could continue for many years before any improvement stabilises the funding balance.

And if the UK outstrips France and Germany on improving the public finances, then higher contributions will be made without the tax receipts to pay for them.

The only icing on the cake is that the CBI puts the value of UK membership of the EU at between £62bn and £78bn a year in extra trade and intangible benefits, although those are not figures you are likely to hear from Nigel Farage. More numbers to bamboozle the President Bush in all of us.